Thicker Than Blood: Stronger Than Bone is Book 1 in a dark FANTASY series featuring Lynn Hayes, a battle hardened veteran who doesn't flinch; he swings...hard. Some men were born to violence. Thank God. Book 2 arrives Summer 2017!!


The strike cut up at a hard angle through his groin, severing his testicles and penis, and shattering his pelvis. The second strike sliced down his towering body, and laid him open on the muddy shore. Both strikes were delivered by the man he stared at now, the commander of the enemy unit at Bloody Beach.  That man stole his hope and left him wasted and bleeding in the mud. Lieutenant Szerimi’s body didn’t die that day, but his soul did. He could no longer be a man, so he became something different. He became something dark, something to make other men quake. What he wanted most; what he dreamed of all those years, was to find this man and kill him slowly: very slowly.
     His fury slowly subsided as more recent events played out in his mind. His upper lip curled in a grimace as he remembered the well-dressed man who commissioned the killing. The grimace became even more disturbing as his mouth contorted into a malicious smile. He recalled the man whispering the name of the mark. 
     He showed no emotion or outward reaction then, and not even his own men knew of his hidden agenda with this man. Not that it would make a difference if they did. They would do as he wished or they would die. That was the way, and they knew it.

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Thicker than Blood 2: Hammer and Stone, hits hard, with bold new characters and brilliant action! Dig deep and prepare for adventure as the brave men of Valodon stand against rebels and traitors, the legendary Northmen, as well as a new foe that promises to be the deadliest threat yet! 

...her body hummed in ecstasy as she viciously finished him off.

​"I stand corrected," she mused out loud as she lay back, sated and naked on the forest floor. "I good."

"That's nice sweetheart," growled a man's deep voice from nearby. "Now get away from my boy so's I can make you feel...not so good."

Evelyn smiled even wider as she stood and turned to face her new toy. Every life she took released something primal inside of her. She felt such raw, powerful, surging vitality, and beautiful freedom! More than she had ever felt as Lady Evelyn, the Duchess. The bonds of morality and propriety were shed. They no longer applied in her world. She wasted no time trying to rationalize the change, instead she reveled in it.

Evelyn did not move toward the hulking man or away from the dead boy. She simply held out her bloody hands as if offering an embrace.

Foss Bird was a large man and a life-long laborer. His dark body was hard and his hands were strong. His squared features and enormous frame memorialized a race of giants, long extinct. By appearances, he should have been able to rip the slight old lady to shreds with his bare hands. Foss did not buy off on appearances though. He had been in, and witnessed, enough fights to know the little guy doesn't always lose.

"Open one and you will see: These are not ordinary books. I am no ordinary author."          

- Sidney Wood

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Path Of Jen: Bloodborneis Book 1 in a fast paced THRILLER series featuring the amazing and resilient Jena Ahmadi. Poisoned against her country and prepared to die as a martyr...


Jen awoke in a haze of subdued lights and sounds. Her head throbbed and her body ached, but she couldn’t remember why or how. She forced her heavy eyelids to open and the lights became more vibrant and the hazy images became clearer. The pounding in her head quickly gained momentum and she shut her eyes. She groaned and tried to raise her hands to touch her head. Her arms refused to obey. “What?” she said with a slur. Confusion set in as she began to process sensory information. “Am I drunk?” she thought. ​
     The light she saw was streaming in from a window or an opening with some sort of flapping curtain. The images she saw were of bundled clothing and sacks of something near her on the floor. She heard a rumbling noise and felt vibrations; there was an inconsistent rocking and bumping feeling as if the whole building was moving. Jen carefully opened her eyes again and tried to understand what she saw. Realization slowly set in. 
     She was not in a building. She was in the back of a truck, rumbling and bouncing down a dirt road. What she assumed were bundles of clothing and sacks of something were actually bodies. She was one of many people lying in the back of a truck.
     She gasped.

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Path Of Jen: Reborn is Book 2 in a suspense filled THRILLER series featuring the courageous and determined Jena Ahmadi. Made to Kill, Called to Protect.


Jen stood frozen, staring at Dustin’s body lying motionless on the floor. Matt took her by the arm and raced down the short hallway to the back door. She stumbled behind him, feeling somehow wrong about leaving Dustin behind. His words replayed in her mind, “Wait! Jen, I can get you out of here!” She wanted to believe him so bad it hurt. 
     Matt went first, turning the knob and hitting the door with his shoulder. He grunted with pain as the impact jarred his injured torso. A single step out of the doorway and a shot fired. Matt dropped to a knee, spun left and fired two shots at someone or something Jen couldn’t see. He tipped forward and rolled onto his back, gasping for air. He mouth was opening and closing like a fish out of water. Suddenly, he inhaled sharply and caught his breath. He rolled back over and pushed up to his knees. He was hurt, but he was breathing. 
     From behind her, Jen heard an American voice shouting at the shop keeper. “Where are they?” the man shouted angrily. Jen rushed forward, hooking Matt under one arm and lifted with all of her strength. Her pistol discharged into the dirt at the base of the shop wall next to them. Jen hissed angrily and took her finger off of the trigger.
     Matt was back on his feet and he looked at her sharply. “You okay?” he asked. He was holding his left shoulder and Jen could see blood seeping between his fingers. 

Sidney Wood, Author

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