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Path of Jen


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Thicker than Blood 2
Path of Jen Book 2
Thicker than Blood 1

Thicker than Blood is a dark FANTASY series featuring Lynn Hayes, a battle hardened veteran who doesn't flinch; he swings...hard. Some men were born to violence. Thank God.


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Thicker than Blood

Wasilla, Alaska

DEVIL DOG, is a punch-in-the-face supernatural thriller featuring Dick, a rough talking, tough-as-nails Marine with a penchant for trouble. After a monumental screw up leaves his fellow Marines dying, Dick makes a deal with a yellow eyed demon to save their lives. What's the worst that could happen...right? ​​

Path of Jen is a fast paced THRILLER series featuring the amazing and resilient Jena Ahmadi. Made to kill, called to protect, Jen will keep you riveted to your seat. Don't forget to breathe...