Sidney Wood, Author

My hope is that whether or not you like my books (I think you will), you will support other small business owners, especially our veterans. 
Thank you! - Sid

About Sidney Wood

Welcome to my website! I am thrilled to have this chance to introduce you to my books and answer some questions you may have about who the heck I am. 

     I am a life-long Alaskan with over 20 years of military experience and a BSBA. The highlights are: Yes, I am a combat veteran. I served as both enlisted and officer, and I hold the titles of US Marine and Army Engineer.  

      My civilian career is in law enforcement where I am an Academy Instructor after 10 years as a line officer. 

     The bottom line to all of that is that I work with, and have worked with, some of the most amazing humans on earth. The heroes in my books carry qualities I admire in the heroes I have known.