Devil Dog


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Sidney Wood, Author

IN 2018

DEVIL DOG, is a punch-in-the-face supernatural thriller featuring Dick, a rough talking, tough-as-nails Marine with a penchant for trouble. After a monumental screw up leaves his fellow Marines dying, Dick makes a deal with a yellow eyed demon to save their lives. What's the worst that could happen...right? AVAILABLE NOW! 



Upcoming release: 

JOSHUA BUG, is a mysterious paranormal thriller set in Palmer, Alaska. This twisted coming of age tale will leave you guessing until the very end. Mercilessly tormented as a child, will uniquely gifted and tender hearted Joshua become a better man than his abusers, or will he choose a life of vengeance and darkness? FALL 2018

DEVIL DOG is HERE! Released on Independence Day (makes sense!) this book is the perfect gift for the military man or woman in your life and for anyone who loves supernatural fiction! Don't wait! Get a copy or 5 today! ORDER DEVIL DOG